Analytical Chemistry
Principles of Soil
Principles of Plant Production
Principles of Animal Production
Organic Chemistry
Principles of Fields Crops
Principles of Poultry
General Zoology center
Health of Animal Products
Principles of Fish
Principles of Horticulture
Forage Crops and Pastures
Fish Culture &Production
Principles of Dairy
Animal Physiology
Animal Nutrition
Animal Behavior&Ecology
Insect Medical&Veterinary
Poultry Physiology
Poultry Products Technology
Feed and Feeding
Animal Breeding and Improvement
Reproductive Physiology
Poultry Nutrition
Poultry Breeding & Improvement
Sheep and Goats Production
Poultry Diseases
Molecular Biology
Dairy Cows Production
Meat Science
Buffalo Production
Principles of Field Crops
Principles of Soil
Principles of Animal Production
Principles of Horticulture
Principles of Food Processing
Soil Fertility
Plant Classification
Farm Management
Oil and Sugar Crops
Plant Ecology
Irrigation and Drainage
Plant Inheritance
Insects of Crops
Soils Reclamation
Forage Crops
Fiber Crops
Cereal Crops
legumes Crops
Field Crops Disease
Seeds Technology
Crops Management
Medicinal Crops
Plant Physiology
Environmental Stress
Landscaping Planted
Weed Sciences
Growth Regulators and Hormones
Pasture Management
Weeds Production
Crops Quality
Plant Breeding

Principles of Agriculture Economics
Animal Production Economics

Human Rights
Principles of Agricultural Extension
Freedom & Democracy
Hatching & Management of Hatcheries
Animal Behavior and Ecology
Poultry Production & Management
Pasture Management
Farm Management
Crops Management
Pasture Management

Computer Application
English Language
Arabic Language
Animal Production Mechanization
Analysis & Experimental Design
Project Research
Engineering Drawing
Machines and Agricultural Machinery
Principles of Statistics
Analysis and Experimental Design
Field Crops Machinery

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